Best Places for Street Food in Hanoi

Hanoi has the lanes including dozens of the eateries selling the same dish. This makes Hanoi cuisine become unique because the streets are named after the dishes. Let’s explore the best places to eat street food in with 365travel.

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Famous food streets in Saigon

Saigon has long been known as a sleepless city with eateries, restaurants never closing. At any time of the day, just walking down the streets then you can find for yourself a yummy dish. More than that, in Saigon, over the course of time, numerous streets have come into being with various decent eateries..

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Great Food Streets in Hanoi

Many tourists consider that Hanoi’s streets are local food streets. You can easily see more than one restaurant offering banh mi or pho in every road or alley. 5 famous food streets below are the ones you should not miss when visiting this interesting capital city.

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Popular Dishes around the Old Quarter of Hanoi

If you have a chance to visit Hanoi, don’t forget to try these special street foods to understand more about the Vietnamese culture. These foods are very popular to Hanoians with the tasteful flavor and affordable price.

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